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BioLynceus® has been providing environmentally friendly programs since 1994. Our beginnings started in 1994 in Arizona, where we were working with remediation of both soils and water. We are now operating from our headquarters in Estes Park, Colorado.

Today, we have grown into a strong environmental company offering programs and products that are solving many challenges in the environment including remediation of chemicals, mitigation of contaminants, reduction of water and energy consumption and solutions that are much kinder to the environment and our carbon footprint.

As an environmentally friendly company we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that are meeting goals of sustainability, while offering programs where communities can feel good about replacing existing programs with earth-friendly solutions.

While we are deeply committed to providing solutions that meet goals of sustainability, we still are an environmental company offering a product line that is premier in today’s world of chemical free, pesticide free, and herbicide free programs.
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