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Letter From the President

It’s hard to believe I am going into my ninth year on the board.   It’s been an interesting ride so far and I am glad that I volunteered to serve.  I took over as President of this great organization at the January Montana Green Expo Member Meeting.  You could say I got “Zoomed” into it.  I joined the board not only to serve the members but also to try to make a difference and bring new ideas to MNLA. I want to thank Ryan Forde for leaving this organization in great shape considering the unfathomable year 2020 was.  As I take over for my LAST presidency, we have a lot going on. 

I want to start by thanking our ED, Gina Albaugh, for the new ideas and passion she has brought to her position.  She has had to learn on the fly in this pandemic world we have had to live in.  She has transitioned our board meetings seamlessly to the now common “Zoom Meeting” She navigated the cancellation of expo and came up with a great way to still have our annual meeting.  She has her head up, storming ahead, while leading us in this difficult time. 

With the cancellation of our Expo this last year we are in an interesting place financially.  Expo is what finances the MNLA.   Without it, it’s hard for us to exist.  But over the years, thanks to all of our members help, we were able to put enough money in the bank to survive this financial setback.  Our organization should be just fine as we make our way out of 2020 and into 2021.  With that being said, it only makes this year more important than ever to keep our membership up and to have a very successful Fall Tour and 2022 Montana Green Expo.  I urge you to get the word out about the MNLA and to urge your colleges and competitors to join our organization.  Remind them that it was the MNLA that made it possible for them to continue to work at the beginning of the pandemic by lobbing hard to make our industry essential. 

We are already working hard on the 2022 Expo that will be held in Billings.  We need everyone to support this year’s Expo to make it a huge financial success.  The chips fell an odd way this year as Billings will also hold the Fall Tour.  Darin Sabers and the Billings Chapter are planning an awesome tour.  One for the ages!  You will not want to miss it. 

Steve Lehenbauer

MNLA President


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