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Montana Nursery & Landscape Association (MNLA) is soliciting applicants for the position of Executive Director.  The Executive Director administers and coordinates the activities of MNLA in cooperation with MNLA officers and members.   Applications will be accepted until March 25, 2020.

Executive Director

Application Instructions

All parties interested in applying for the position of Executive Director please send:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Two Letters of Recommendation

Montana Nursery & Landscape Association
PO Box 215
Park City, MT 59063

OR email documents to

We will be accepting resumes until Mark 25, 2020.

If you have questions, please call 406-755-3079 or email us at

Executive Director

Job Description, Policies & Procedures

  1. Term

    The Executive Director serves under contract with the Montana Nursery & Landscape Association (MNLA) and is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. The agreement between the Executive Director and MNLA is renewable each year.

  2. Definition

    The Executive Director administers and coordinates the activities of MNLA in cooperation with MNLA officers and members, serving as a non-voting member of all MNLA committees.

  3. Organization

    1. Authority

      1. The Executive Director is directly responsible to the MNLA President.

    2. Resignation

      1. The Executive Director agreement may be terminated prior to the end term only upon mutual agreement between MNLA and Executive Director.

    3. Dismissal

      1. As the Executive Director is hired by contract, such agreement may be allowed simply to expire or be canceled in thirty-days upon written notice by the MNLA President.

  4. Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Office & Records – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Establish and maintain a business telephone line, fax line, e-mail account and post office box on behalf of MNLA.

      2. Maintain (either electronically or by file) records of MNLA transactions and correspondence, making such records available to the MNLA President upon request.

      3. Store MNLA collateral and materials and distribute as requested or directed by the MNLA President.

      4. Store and maintain any equipment belonging exclusively to MNLA.

      5. Provide a computer and printer owned by the Executive Director for to MNLA business.

      6. At the time the Executive Director agreement is terminated, the ED shall turn over all property and files of the MNLA to the MNLA President. This includes all Electronic files that may be on the Executive Directors computer that pertain to the MNLA.

    2. Communications – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Respond to members’ requests and non-members inquiries in a timely manner as needed or as directed by the President. Responses may be in writing, telephone or electronic transmittal.

      2. Distribute memos or directives to Board members as directed by the MNLA President.

      3. Communicate with cooperating agencies or organizations as needed or directed.

      4. Keep AmericanHort informed of pertinent MNLA activities and request information from AmericanHort as need or as directed

      5. Forward information or advisories to board members, committee and task force chairs as appropriate.

      6. Communicate with the administrator of the Montana Department of Agriculture Agricultural Science Division and other appropriate individuals regarding legislative and regulatory affairs of concern to the MNLA membership

      7. Develop and maintain an MNLA presence on the worldwide web using appropriate professionals and professional services.

    3. Publications – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Receive submissions for the MNLA newsletter – the Leaflet – and annual Membership Directory and ensure their placement in an upcoming issue upon approval by the Newsletter Editor.

      2. Maintain information regarding publication dates and deadlines and keep members appraised of these dates as needed.

      3. Advise potential advertisers of an impending publication deadline by email at least two weeks prior to each Newsletter deadline.

      4. Solicit publication advertisements as needed or directed.

      5. Establish and maintain complete records regarding advertiser schedules, payments and renewal dates.

      6. Design and produce, using appropriate designer, all MNLA publications.

      7. Deliver publications to the printer for printing and coordinate distribution with mailing house.

      8. Prepare and forward labels to mailhouse for MNLA publications.

      9. Forward copies of publications to advertisers and invoice as needed.

      10. Solicit information for the annual Membership Directory as needed.

    4. Membership – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Establish and maintain a database of all current and applicable information related to MNLA members.

      2. Update membership records upon receipt of applications.

      3. Mail new member packets monthly.

      4. Collect and enter data from new members and member surveys as needed.

      5. Provide the Nominating Committee Chair (Past President) with a list of potential volunteers for MNLA offices upon request.

      6. Provide an updated membership list with addresses and phone numbers to the President or Membership Chair as needed.

      7. Mail membership renewal reminders and late notices annually.

      8. Deposit membership payments in a timely fashion.

      9. Solicit new members on an annual or semi-annual basis, as approved by the MNLA Board of Directors.

      10. Design and produce, using appropriate designer, a Membership Directory in cooperation with Board of Directors.

      11. Design and update, using appropriate designer and service provider, and coordinate transport of a MNLA tabletop display.

    5. Meetings – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Solicit bids from Montana hotels for MNLA meetings.

      2. Display and distribute announcements using social media.

      3. Design and produce, using appropriate designer, and coordinate distribution of all collateral for MNLA meetings and Expo.

      4. Receive and record all registrations for MNLA meetings/seminars.

      5. Report registration numbers as needed or requested by the Board of Directors.

      6. Prepare participant "packets" for all meetings, to include: name badges, evaluation forms, announcements of upcoming meetings, program schedule, list of exhibitors, participant list and copies of handout materials.

      7. Solicit and coordinate arrangements for exhibitors at the MNLA Trade Show.

      8. Receive and record all payments/registration for exhibits.

      9. Mail confirmations and details to exhibitors regarding exhibit procedures and schedules.

      10. Respond as needed to requests for information regarding MNLA meetings.

      11. In cooperation with the President, prepare and distribute all materials for Board meetings in advance.

      12. Prepare financial reports, in conjunction with the MNLA bookkeeper, for all Board and member meetings.

      13. Invoice meeting participants for any outstanding amounts related to MNLA meetings.

      14. Attend all MNLA meetings.

      15. Prepare an Executive Director activities report as needed for each Board meeting and MNLA membership meeting.

    6. Finances – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Maintain all MNLA financial records and perform general full charge bookkeeping, including accounts payable and accounts receivable or provide all financial records for monthly bookkeeping to the MNLA bookkeeper under contract.

      2. The bookkeeper shall prepare all payments on MNLA debts and the Executive Director will forward checks over $200 to the MNLA President for signature.

      3. Maintain adequate balances in the MNLA checking account and transfer funds as needed or requested between MNLA checking and investment accounts.

      4. Draft and prepare the annual MNLA budget for approval by the Board of Directors.

      5. In cooperation with the Board of Directors, purchase Certificates of Deposit on behalf of MNLA as availability demands.

      6. Prepare financial reports for all accounts for Board meetings and forward copies to directors.

      7. Prepare program reports as needed for supplements to financial reports.

      8. Review program financial performance and budget or adjust activities as needed.

      9. MNLA Bookkeeper will prepare reports and support documents and coordinate with the designated CPA firm for the annual filing of the organization’s IRS Form 990.

      10. Prepare for annual audit of financial records.

    7. Budget and Planning – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Prepare an action plan and budget annually for MNLA.

      2. Coordinate and distribute materials to officers and chairs related to the budget/planning process.

      3. Recommend revisions and modifications to the budget and annual plan as needed.

      4. Establish a plan for MNLA activities in conjunction with budget preparations.

    8. Legislative Activities – The Executive Director shall:

      1. Maintain a current database of Montana legislators.

      2. Keep Board members apprised of legislative activities that may impact MNLA members as requested by the Board.

      3. Coordinate mailings to Montana legislators on behalf of MNLA.

      4. Coordinate legislative actions on behalf of members in cooperation with the MNLA Board of Directors.

    9. Other Duties as Assigned

      1. Explore grant opportunities to benefit MNLA. Write and administer any grants received.

  5. Time and Financial Commitments

    1. Time Commitments

      The Position of the Executive Director requires spending an average of approximately 25-30 hours per week, including travel to regularly scheduled meetings and Chapter activities.

  6. Reimbursement

    1. Receipts should be obtained for all expenses incurred in conducting MNLA business and an invoice presented monthly for payment, with a copy sent to the MNLA President.

  7. Orientation of Successor

    1. The Executive Director shall maintain current policies and procedures for the Executive Director Position and MNLA office, providing a copy at any time upon request or upon the termination of the Executive Director agreement.

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